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Why AKD Forex?

To start earning on Forex, you do not need a large initial investment - a minimum deposit of 100$ only
Our innovative technologies allow you to trade from any computer or mobile device - your trading terminal is always at your fingertips
We have narrow market spreads and transparent brokerage commissions - no unpleasant surprises

See for yourself - open a demo account and start mastering the world of forex trading

Eight reasons to open an account with us

Liquidity from the largest providers

Forget what slippage is. Thanks to aggregated liquidity AKD-Forex guarantees its customers instant execution of any order at the best price available in the market.

AKD-Forex in numbers: growing together with you

It's easy to make money on the world financial markets. AKD-Forex's modern technologies and innovative products make forex an affordable and reliable source of income for everyone.

95 %

Average profitability of our customers per year

0,15 sec

Average time of order execution

92 requests

Average number of withdrawal requests per day

85 employees

Experts-professionals in our team

92 %

Of clients become regular by trying once

4,3 million rubles

Average profits of our clients for the past year

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Solutions for investors of any level

For Beginners

Educational accounts as well as accounts with a small starting capital and special terms for those at the beginning of the journey. Learn to trade and gain experience in comfortable conditions without any risk.

  • Trading on a virtual account without financial investments
  • Initial deposit of 100$
  • Algorithmic trading and scalping on the news

For Pros

Convenient services and profitable trading conditions for experienced traders confident in their abilities. Increase your capital in our pro accounts.

  • Direct access to the market using DMA-ECN technology without participation of a broker
  • Instant execution at the best price due to aggregated liquidity
  • Ultra-narrow spreads and transparent commissions
  • Up to 209 financial instruments

For Investors

Trust management and 'Financial Expert' service for those who do not have enough time to trade. Make investments your passive source of income by transferring capital to the management of our team of experts.

  • A professional team of analysts and financial managers with proven performance
  • Beneficial conditions for trust management
  • Individual approach to solving investment goals

Characteristics and features of key types of accounts

Currency of account
Minimal deposit
Minimum transaction volume
Margin Call level
Stop Out level
Currency of account: USD
Minimal deposit: 100 USD
Spread: floating, from 0p
Commission: 10 USD per lot
Execution: Market
Technology: EСN+STP
Leverage: 1:100
Instruments: Forex, CFD, Indexes, Spot Metals, Spot Commodities
Minimum transaction volume: 0,01
Robots: yes
Hedging: yes
Margin Call level: 70%
Stop Out level: 50%
Currency of account: USD
Minimal deposit: 500 USD
Spread: floating, from 3 p
Commission: no
Execution: Market
Technology: DMA-STP
Leverage: 1:100
Instruments: Forex, CFD, Indexes, Spot Metals, Spot Commodities
Minimum transaction volume: 0,01
Robots: yes
Hedging: yes
Margin Call level: 30%
Stop Out level: 20%

Who owns the information, he owns the world

Want to know what will happen to the dollar? Do you wonder how the oil quotes will affect the ruble rate? Read the analytics of our experts and you will always be aware of the latest developments in the world of finance.

The analytical service of AKD-Forex is:

Qualitative analytics is the key to proper decision-making for capital management in financial markets. AKD-Forex offers you a range of analytical services:
  • Free trading recommendations
  • Daily reviews
  • Financial news
  • Current trends and insights

Training in AKD-Forex

To learn how to trade in the foreign exchange market, you do not need to go to universities. AKD-Forex offers various training materials in a format that is convenient for you. Master the basics of financial trading and improve your trader's skills without leaving home.
  • Video
  • Webinars
  • Events
  • Teaching aids

How to start earning on Forex?
Five simple steps to financial freedom

Get a free consultation with our experts. We will help you choose a service that meets your investment objectives and training level. Register a demo or real account and connect the necessary services.
Deposit your account for any amount - a minimum of only 100 $.
Sell ​​or buy currency using the recommendations of our analysts or copying trading strategies of successful traders.
Transfer profit in your bank account in two clicks at any time convenient for you.
Contact us and we will tell you everything in detail.
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About us

AKDForex is a young dynamically developing broker company created on the basis of the most advanced liquidity management solutions.

The quality of the services we provide meets the requirements of the most demanding audience of professional traders.

o obtain the most favorable price and lightning speed execution of transactions we use a unique method of end-to-end transaction processing (STP), developed by international specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

We offer comfortable conditions for all types of traders regardless of their trading strategies including news trading, manual or algorithmic trading, the use of trading robots, proprietary trading and so on. The two main factors that contribute to this are:

• Trading conditions - almost zero market spread and low brokerage commissions

• The number of traded instruments - we have more than 300, including standard spot currency pairs and commodities as well as Russian, American and Asian sites.

Cooperation with us will be beneficial for those who do not have experience in the trade but have free funds and have the intention to invest profitably, that is potential investors. In view of the high demand for investment services, AKDForex launched PAMM services and Social Trading in June 2017. Within this type of services, the investor can choose the account of a manager and/or a successful trader and receive a significant passive income.

PAMM Accounts

A PAMM account is a system of collective investment in which investors can invest their funds in the management of one or more traders.

How does it work? A fund manager opens a master account and commits trading operations. If desired, the results of his/her trade may be published online (PAMM-Account Rating).

An investor can choose the most interesting PAMM-account (as a rule, an investor chooses from the ratio of risk and profitability - and at will transfers his funds to the management of the corresponding trader. In this case, the investor does not need to open a trading account - the money is simply transferred to the master account. The conditions of work are determined by the fund manager himself and fixed in a special document - a public offer, which is signed by the trader and the investor before the start of cooperation.
MAM / Social trading is a service of copying transactions in which an investor can select the account of a successful trader and activate on his own trading account the function of automatic repetition of the same actions that a trader is doing.

How does it work? Traders transactions are publicly available. An investor opens a trading account, makes a deposit of funds on it and launches the copying transaction service by selecting a certain trader's account. In this case, it is possible to activate both the entire amount on the account and part of it in a certain percentage.
Terms are also described in the public offer, which the client must accept before subscribing to the service. Our consultants are always glad to provide you with detailed consultations on all the services of AKD Forex.

Dynamics of profitability of algorithmic trading system
for the last 12 months

Expert Advisor Dec.16 Jan.17 Feb.17 Mar.17 Apr.17 May.17 Jun.17 Jul.17 Aug.17 Sep.17 Oct.17 Nov.17 Total profitability
#95841 29,3% 15,6% -2,6% 12,1% 12,8% -0,7% 11,6% 13,6% 9% 3,6% 3,8% -3,8% 104,3%
#14261 10,5% 11,9% 10,1% 11,5% 15,8% -7,7% 14,7% 10,3% 12,7% 5,9% 1,7% 5,7% 103,1%
#32147 12,7% 14% -4,9% 9,5% 11,7% 15,6% 15% 7,1% 5,2% 8% 9,2% -2,7% 100,4%
#36040 3,3% 13,5% 5,5% 0,6% -7,2% 11,6% 9,2% 10,3% 15,3% 2,7% 7,1% 1,1% 73%
#50311 6,9% -4% 5,1% 10,1% 3% -3% 5,8% 7,7% 2,4% 14,8% -4% 4,5% 49,3%
#02511 4,7% 8,5% -8,6% 6,6% 2,1% 3,2% -0,6% 4,7% 2,3% 19% 0,3% 9% 51,2%
#89945 0,3% 3,1% -7,1% 4,2% 2% 5,5% 4,3% 6,1% 3,7% 6,7% 5,5% 6,2% 40,5%
#05542 -7,3% 9,2% 4,7% 2,8% 6,6% 8,1% 2,8% 4,6% 4,9% -2,1% 0% 17,4% 51,7%
#96267 2% 1,5% 9,9% -8,3% 11,7% -0,5% 1,9% 10,4% -3,3% -6,9% 8,4% 7,5% 34,3%
#25823 6,8% -7,7% 5,2% 8,2% 12,9% 2,3% 5,4% 12,8% 0,4% 7% 4,7% 11,3% 69,3%


We present to your attention a unique investment product - «Profit 2». Its essence lies in the fact that regardless of the amount of investment in the closed "Profit 2" PAMM account an investor will receive 2% of the dollar deposit every month. Such a result is achieved through the use of a reverse semiautomatic trading system based on the movement of cross-rates and the return of the traded spread. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the terms of connection to this PAMM-account, invest free funds and earn with us.

Transparency and ease of operation
of each account is the guarantee of your success

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Deposit of funds
Payment system Limit per transaction Additional limits Commission
Bank-Transfer from 100 USD Additional limits can be set on the side of the sender's bank 1%
Bank-Card from 10 to 2 500 USD Additional limits can be set on the side of the sender's bank 2,50%
QIWI Anonymous wallet: from 100 to 15 000 rubles
Nominal wallet: from 100 to 60 000 rubles
Web-Money от 10 USD 1%
Yandex-Money Anonymous wallet: from 100 to 15 000 rubles
Nominal wallet: from 100 to 60 000 rubles
Identified wallet: from 100 to 250 000 rubles
Anonymous wallet: 300 000 rubles per day, 500 000 rubles a month
Nominal wallet: 300 000 rubles per day, 1 million rubles a month
Identified wallet: 600 000 rubles per day, 3 million rubles per month
Skrill Depends on the status of the wallet 2,50%
E-Payments от 10 USD 1%
Internet banking Alpha click from 100 to 60 000 rubles Additional limits can be set on the side of the sender's bank 2,50%
Promsvyazbank from 100 to 100 000 rubles Additional limits can be set on the side of the sender's bank 2,50%

Withdrawal of funds
Payment system Commission Minimum withdrawal amount
(without commission)
Bank-Transfer 2% 100 USD
Bank-Card 3,50% (min 3,5 USD) 10 USD
QIWI 2% 10 USD
Yandex-Money 2,50% 10 USD
Skrill 1% 10 USD
E-Payments 1% 10 USD

Terms of commission for customers using the investment product "Profit 2":

  • - the company compensates the commission for the deposit of funds in the amount of 100%;
  • - the company compensates 50% of the commission for withdrawing the invested amount after 6 months of using the product;
  • - the company compensates 100% of the commission for withdrawing the invested amount after 12 months of using the product.